ITSM Metrics Webinar Series: Get the best out of ITIL by creating a structured approach to ITIL Metrics

How mature is your adoption of ITIL? What areas can you still get major improvements from? Key questions that an IT Executive will ask regularly to increase efficiency, help reduce costs, find opportunities to improve service, and align better with their organizations business goals. This Webinar will show you an approach for creating a sophisticated and centralized approach for measuring IT performance and identifying improvement areas when it comes to ITIL implementations. Based on Metricus, a solution specifically built for taking control of IT Performance, you will learn how you can quickly & easily get control over your ITIL initiatives and maximize your ROI.

Topics covered include:

Metrics — Selecting the right ITIL metrics for your organization and determining the target values for these metrics
Data — Practical and pragmatic mechanisms for populating ITIL metrics with data from your IT operational systems
Analytics — Creating role based scorecards, reports and interactive data analysis that match the requirements of different IT users within your organization
Beyond ITIL — What are the next steps to create an IT Performance Measurement solution covering all areas

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