The Metricus IT Performance Management Platform provides the services and technology required to effectively measure and manage IT Performance. Whether in the cloud, or on-site, Metricus does all the hard work of data collection, transformation, translation of data into reporting structures, presentation of data, calculation of metrics, etc, enabling our customers to focus on what matters, making decisions to improve the delivery of IT services.

  • Extraction packages available for commonly used IT Enterprise systems e.g. ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, CA Unicenter, HP SM9, Solarwinds, SCOM, Skype for Business, Avaya, Cisco, etc. For a complete list, please contact us.
  • Support for non-relational data including TXT, CSV, XLS, XML and other non-structured data types, as well as a wide variety of integration methods including ODBC, OLE-DB, REST, JSON, and SOAP.
  • Ability to leverage existing data warehouse/data mart environments.
  • Incremental, near real-time data refresh.
  • A comprehensive data management portal to control data integration and data loads.
  • Data is loaded into the Metricus IT Performance Datamart, a set of IT Entity relational and multi-dimensional data structures optimized for analytics, visualization, metrics and predictive analytics.
  • Dedicated data structures are made available for storage of audit/history table, backlog and open history, calculated metrics and integrated views of IT enterprise data.

  • Provision of the leading business analytics tool, PowerBI, to analyze data and share insights.
  • Ability to create advanced calculations, including forecasting, and build amazing reports in minutes.
  • Enterprise paginated and mobile reporting through SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 providing pixel perfect reporting through desktop and mobile channels.
  • Dedicated Metricus IT Business Portal for access to reporting and analytics with full branding capability and integrated security to the Metricus IT Data Management Portal.
  • Ability to leverage corporate Business Intelligence software e.g. Tableau, Qlikview, to access to the Metricus IT Performance Datamart.

Metricus Metrics Metadata, a collection of over 600 best practice, proven, pragmatic IT Performance Metrics. These metrics can be modified and new metrics created to build a consolidated repository of all metrics required by your IT organization.

  • Metricus Metrics Engine providing a multi-tenant, centralized repository of IT Performance Metrics storing definitions, targets, patterns, multiple calendars, support for multiple data hierarchies, advanced scoring and aggregation algorithms, strategic metric relationships, alerts, data entry notifications, comments and much more.
  • Metrics Scorecard Engine for the creation of customized, dynamic scorecards supporting drill-through to supporting information, drilldown across defined metric and data hierarchies, weighted metrics based on mathematical and statistical calculations.

  • Pre-built neural network and clustering machine learning models for prediction of metrics based on historical analysis of detailed supporting data.
  • Correlation analysis between metrics to accurately perform ‘what-if’ scenarios related to change in the performance of a metric.
  • Automatic updating and training of models based on new incoming data.
  • Real-time scoring of data for visualization and analysis.

The Metricus IT Performance Management platform is proudly built with Microsoft technology including:

  • Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform, the #1 business intelligence platform in the market. Technologies leveraged include SQL Server 2016 (Database, Analysis Services – Tabular and Multi-dimensional, Integration Services, Data Quality Service and Reporting Services.
  • Microsoft PowerBI, the #1 enterprise visualization and analytics tool.
  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning for advanced data mining and predictive analytics.
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016 for hosting Data Management, Metrics and Scorecard Utilities.
  • Microsoft ASP.Net for development of all utilities


Data Visualization, Scorecards, Reporting, Data Integration and much more.
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