ServiceNow Performance Analytics: should I invest?

ServiceNow Performance Analytics (PA) is certainly a unique offering. Very few enterprise software applications have a dedicated module for Performance Measurement.

Kudos to ServiceNow for recognising the need!

Who should consider ServiceNow Performance Analytics?

The customers we see successfully implement PA and a subsequent return on investment, generally have the following characteristics:

  • Large ServiceNow implementations with dedicated ServiceNow resources
  • A clearly defined IT Performance Measurement strategy, coupled with top-down support from senior IT management
  • Budgets available for the training, implementation and ongoing maintenance of PA – it’s not a cheap solution!
  • Inability to leverage, or lack of knowledge, of corporate Business Intelligence (BI) platforms
  • A ‘Pull’ based reporting metaphor whereby PA dashboards are often ‘pulled’ from PA and then ‘pushed’ into PowerPoint for management reporting





Who should consider an alternative to ServiceNow Performance Analytics?

The customers for which PA may not be the right analytics and performance measurement have characteristics such as the following;

  • Limited budgets
  • Investments and resources knowledgeable in enterprise BI software such as Tableau, PowerBI and Qlikview
  • Complex requirements for publishing IT Enterprise dashboards and scorecards
  • Need to produce pixel level paginated reports e.g. full control over report layout
  • Self service reporting and analytics requirements requiring minimal training
  • The requirement for a true cloud based BI solution facilitating rapid integration of multiple data sources
  • Resources who understand BI tools and who’s fundamental requirement is ready access to the data
  • Limited budgets (it’s worth saying again – at up to 20% of total ServiceNow license cost, PA is very expensive)

For those customers not suited to Performance Analytics, for any of the reasons above, Metricus offers a clear alternative. 

Do you want to give it a try? If you have a sample data set we can prepare a demo environment to test Metricus.

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