ServiceNow Reporting: a noisy marketplace.

Over the past few years, ServiceNow has become the dominant force in IT Service Management Enterprise Software. A combination of great product and strong marketing has resulted in the majority of large ITSM software sales cycles featuring ServiceNow.

But, like most Enterprise Application vendors, the reporting and analytics capabilities don’t always meet the needs of today’s information providers/consumers and the folks that really matter – the decisions makers.

Numerous alternative solutions have arisen from vendors leveraging existing Business Intelligence (BI) software e.g. Numerify = Microstrategy, or even trying to write their own – a tough gig nowadays with BI becoming largely commoditised e.g. PowerBI from Microsoft at 10 bucks a user per month. And how many organisations actually want to buy yet another BI software license? Gartner estimates 90% of BI licenses are already ‘shelfware’.

This leads to where the value is, and the requirement, for organisations that find ‘out of the box’ ServiceNow reporting doesn’t meet their needs.

It’s all about the data.

SnowMirror has an offering that essentially replicates ServiceNow data, thus removing all the hurdles associated with automated extracts from ServiceNow into XLS, etc, or problems with the REALLY slow ServiceNow ODBC driver. A data replication solution is nice for organisations having resources to add value to the data by building a data mart/data warehouse environment conducive to effective use by BI software.

But what about organisations that don’t have resources to effectively manage data? This is where Metricus comes in.Metricus provides a ‘Data as a Service’ model for ServiceNow data. All ServiceNow data required for reporting and analytics is made available in pre-built SQL and OLAP databases. All you need is a BI tool, and you’re reporting problems are solved! 

Do you want to give it a try? If you have a sample data set we can prepare a demo environment to test Metricus.

Request a free trial account.

And by the way, if you don’t have a BI tool – we’ll set you up with Microsoft PowerBI – the #1 analytics tool in the market!

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