AI Process Insights for ServiceNow

Sydney, Australia, June 29th, 2018 – Metricus, , experts in transforming Service Management data into value-add data analytics, has partnered with PAFNow, , a world leader in Process Mining, to develop a leading-edge process mining solution for Service Management, initially focussed on ServiceNow. AI Process Insights for ServiceNow, combines the data expertise of Metricus, the technology of PAFNow, with Azure Machine Learning and PowerBI; the result is the most functional, cost-effective offering to analyse and optimise service management processes. Process Mining applied to ServiceNow allows organisations to reduce costs and improve service delivery by;

  • Eliminating inefficient and costly variants to standard processes
  • Measuring and improving the performance of workgroups and assignees
  • Proactively adapting processes in alignment with SLAs and customer expectations
  • Ensuring compliance with best practice service management processes
  • Tracking process metrics to guide continual service improvement

Large ServiceNow customers such as Ramboll, Philip Morris International and Arla dairy foods are already experiencing the benefits of AI Process Insights for ServiceNow.  Metricus CEO Ian Bradley says “Our solution combines the Metricus expertise in transforming service management data, the PAFNow process mining technology and Microsoft PowerBI.  This results in a clear value proposition at a significantly lower price point than other Process Mining or Performance Analytics solutions in the ServiceNow domain. And not only do our customers the process mining capabilities, but also the value-add of having a comprehensive PowerBI solution for analysing ServiceNow data.

Flexible pricing is available including per project, focused on improving a defined set of processes over a 2-3 month period, or yearly subscriptions, providing a full suite of process mining models and performance metrics enabling continuous service improvement.

If you’d like additional information, or are interested in a proof of concept, please email