Metricus – frequently asked questions

How much does Metricus cost?

Metricus is offered as a subscription service.  Initial setup costs range from 5 to 10K USD.  The ongoing subscription service starts at approximately 2K USD per month for Performance Analytics – the baseline required for all additional analytics.  There is no user limit for the baseline Performance Analytics.  Process Analytics costs an additional 1-1.5K USD per month, depending on the number of users.  Predictive Analytics are priced on a per model basis.

What’s involved in the initial setup?

  • Setup of all components required by subscription service
  • Configuration and customisation of standard data extraction packages for your enterprise service management environment (ServiceNow)
  • Provision of standard PowerBI Performance Analytics templates including standard metrics (calculated by SQL transformation and DAX formulas), reports and dashboards, including augmented analytical capabilities
  • End user and content developer training

What’s included in the monthly subscription?

  • Private, secure VPN environment in Microsoft Azure.
  • SQL Server and Analysis Services data marts containing all data required for performance, predictive and process metrics and analytics
  • Near real-time data integration
  • Monitoring of all data integration jobs
  • Setup and management of Office365 tenant including provision of up to 10 PowerBI licenses
  • Management of all security and active directory synchronisation
  • Ongoing service to assist with PowerBI report and dashboard usage/development

What training is required?

For end users, there is minimal, often no training required.     PowerBI offers the best end-user experience in terms of self-service analytics and users can focus on what the data is saying, rather than have to learn how to ask the questions.   Content developers have the data readily available in the datamarts and need only learn how to maintain the analytics.   The PowerBI training ecosystem provides many resources to do this, and Metricus will provide training whenever required as part of the Subscription service.

If I want to use PowerBI, can’t I just connect to the ServiceNow database?

Whilst you can connect directly from PowerBI to ServiceNow via the ODBC driver, realistically, this is not a workable solution.   The ServiceNow ODBC driver is effectively a ‘wrapper’ above the web services used to extract data.   These were initially intended to be transactional in nature, rather than bulk extracts.  The nett result is that almost all queries.   Note that the PowerBI ServiceNow application is basically a marketing tool and if you are able to successfully, only extracts a limited number of incident records, and cannot be modified in any way.

My enterprise service management environment is on site. How does the data get uploaded to Azure?

There are multiple options.  Perhaps the easiest is to work with you SQL DBA resources to implement the Metricus data integration packages associated with your service management environment.  These will then extract the data at scheduled times to an onsite file share, and are then uploaded to your dedicated Azure tenant via SFTP.   There is also the option to use Rest API and Web services.  Whatever the case, the initial setup costs associated with an onsite data source are the same as for cloud data services.