Metricus vs ServiceNow Performance Analytics

Feature Metricus Performance Analytics
Best practice metrics Metricus has a library of over 600 best practice metrics for the measurement of IT Performance Analytics has pre-configured metrics for the ServiceNow modules implemented e.g. Incident, Change, Problem, etc.
Performance Measurement Metricus allows for the definition and configuration of metrics and the rules associated with processing and distribution

Visualisation can be rapidly developed by end-users and can be filtered on all attributes available

Performance Analytics allows the definition and configuration of metrics and the rules associated with processing and distribution

The end-user interface is configured by administrators

Direct SQL access to data Metricus transforms ServiceNow data in near real-time into a dedicated reporting and analytics data mart. Customers can access the Metricus Service Management Datamart directly with their own enterprise BI tools e.g. Tableau and Qlik, leveraging existing knowledge and investment Performance Analytics calculates metrics on a daily basis and the results are stored in the ServiceNow database. The only medium to view the data is via the Performance Analytics interface within ServiceNow.
Self-Service Visualisation Metricus provides optimised data models of ServiceNow data and PowerBI – the #1 Business Intelligence Tool for development of dashboards and analytics.


Within 5-10 minutes of training, users can ‘paint a picture’ of their ServiceNow data. Extensive support, including tutorials and videos are available on the PowerBI website.

In Performance Analytics, views and reports are pre-configured by administrative users.   A significant amount of training is required with dedicated 2-3 days workshops to enable report creation. End-users do not have the ability to create ad-hoc dynamic visualisations



Enterprise Reporting Metricus provides SQL Server Reporting Services for development of pixel level enterprise paginated reports. Full scheduling and subscription is available along with perfect exporting to Office clients (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) Performance Analytics does not provide enterprise paginated reporting.
Embedded Content PowerBI content (dashboards, reports and analytics) can easily be embedded within corporate portals and other enterprise applications. Performance Analytics does not support embedding online content in other applications due to licensing and technical restrictions
Machine Learning Metricus provides customised Machine Learning models based on specific organisational requirements. This includes Neural Networks for prediction of metrics, clustering algorithms for anomaly detection, ARIMA time-series forecasting and root-cause analysis ServiceNow has Machine capabilities at the transaction level, but only limited forecasting within PA.
Process Mining Metricus provides automated insights into the effectiveness and compliance of all your ServiceNow processes Performance Analytics does not provide Process Mining
External Data Integration As part of Metricus Data Transformation Services, any external data required to enhance ServiceNow reporting e.g. financial or workforce data, can easily be integrated using Microsoft Integration Services External data can be imported into ServiceNow and leveraged by Performance Analytics however this requires coding by ServiceNow administrators
Training and Support Metricus services are built on the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, ranked by Gartner as the #1 BI environment. There is extensive material available online for all services provisioned by Metricus via Microsoft BI. There is limited online training and support for Performance Analytics, due to the limited user base and overall adoption
Subject Matter Expertise Metricus resources are experts in the measurement of IT and provision of data required to improve the overall delivery of services and reduce costs There are very few ServiceNow consultants with expertise in data analysis and Performance Analytics.
Cost The full-suite of Metricus Services is available for approximately 5K euro/month.  Administration and training costs are included in this subscription Performance Analytics is free for Incident Management. For full use PA is very expensive, pricing been approximately 20% of total licensing cost.  This cost does not include the extensive training and administration costs, as compared to Metricus Services