Metricus Process Optimizer for Jira

A certified Atlassian Forge process mining application for the optimization of your Jira Service Management processes

AI Driven


  • Advanced automated exploration and analysis of process metrics related to performance, cost, compliance and automation
  • Intelligent access to AI analytics from all visualization components of the process exploration experience
Monitor Compliance



  • Leverage pre-defined process compliance rules and create custom rules based on process visualization and discovery
  • Comprehensive root-cause analysis of non-compliance and the ability to create initiatives for continual process improvement



  • Define step and event costs based on duration, fixed costs and costs related to different types of of tasks and the resources involved
  • Simulate and determine potential cost savings based on performance improvement and automation



  • Automatically detect potential automation opportunies based on defined variant, step and activity transition rules
  • Analyse the impact of automation on process performance, cost and compliance
Process Models
  • Definition of multiple types of activities across all Jira issues
  • Ability to analyse data across multiple projects and issue types
  • A ‘Model Wizard’ guides you through Process Model setup and definitions
  • Process Miner settings, including rules, insights, costs and findings can be saved to the underlying Process Model
Process Miner
  • Rapidly identify re-work, duplicate steps, bottleneck’s and non-compliant variants
  • Automated highlighting of process inefficiencies, automation opportunities and potential cost savings
  • AI driven root cause analysis along with advanced slicing and filtering of event and task data
  • Process and cost rules to drive process improvement and optimisation