Metricus Process Miner for ServiceNow

Visualise task processes enabling compliance monitoring, simulation and optimisation of costs, analysis of process step automation and identification of performance improvement opportunities

Process Explorer

  • Interactive visualisation of process models via a state of the art React application for Process Mining
  • Slicing and filtering of the event log and task data within a process model
  • Readily identify re-work, loops, duplicate steps
  • Determine resource inefficiencies within the steps of a process
  • Mark steps, activites or variants as compliant, or non-compliant, save the details to ServiceNow and create compliance business rules
  • Supporting visuals for root-cause analysis

Process Models

  • Definition of multiple types of activities across all ServiceNow task tables e.g. capture assignment group changes for incidents, SLA breaches for service requests, journal entries, change request state changes, specific events e.g. a change of priority from medium to high for an incident, any task timestamp event, etc
  • Incremental and full processing options, as well as scheduled generation of the event log
  • Generation of all activities, steps and variants associated with the event log and display of statistics
  • Definition of compliance at the step and variant level
  • Automatic detection of loops within a process variant
  • The ability to merge events related to activities occuring at the same time within the lifecycle of a task
  • Ability to export process mining event logs and task attributes as CSV files for import into Enterprise Process Mining tools e.g. Celonis, PAFNow