Metricus Solutions
Optimising the value of your IT data

Metricus Services enable Metricus Solutions to be rapidly deployed to meet your data visualisation, performance measurement, process monitoring and predictive analytics requirements

IT Performance Datamart

Imagine having access to all the data required for managing IT performance, in one location. Use your favourite BI tools like PowerBI or Tableau, to access your ServiceNow data, or data from any of your core IT enterprise applications. Even data from financial and workforce systems can be made available, enabling a one-stop IT data shop

IT Data Visualization

Business Intelligence tools are now powerful and easy to use. Leverage PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, etc., to access the Metricus IT Performance Datamart. Minimal training, cost-effective, no data transformation required. Now you can get answers from your IT data rather than asking questions

IT Performance Measurement

Metricus provides best practice metrics, scorecards and dashboards focused on IT Service Management and IT Business Management. Measure what matters to improve delivery, reduce costs and enable continual service improvement

Automated Process Insights

Metricus provides process mining models enabling you to graphically understand and measure your end-to-end IT processes. Ensure compliance with standards, detect anomalies and track process metrics to increase the efficiency of your IT resources.

View AI process insights for ServiceNow

Predictive Analytics

Metricus Predictive Analytics provides machine learning models to add value to you IT data. Find out the probability of an incident meeting SLA, or a change failing. Forecast workgroup resource requirements and model cause and effect of resources on metrics performance