Metricus Solutions

Dashboards, analytics and metrics to guide the digital transformation of your enterprise service management processes

Performance Analytics

The ‘what has’ happened

  • Metricus Performance analytics drive the alignment of resources and service management to the strategic goals and priorities of your business
  • Dashboards include traditional historical metrics for task activity (create, close), backlog, resolution times (MTTR), service level agreements (SLA)

Predictive Analytics

The ‘what will’ happen

  • Predictive analytics, based on machine learning models and artificial intelligence, leverage performance data to provide valuable insight into both the problems that might occur, and the opportunities that might exist to improve service delivery
  • Dashboards include predicting the probability of an incident meeting SLA or a change failing, forecasting workgroup resource requirements, using clustering to automatically determine what types of finance requests are linked to low customer satisfaction

Process Analytics

The ‘why did it’ happen

  • Process analytics, driven by process mining technology, ensure compliance with standard processes, detection of anomalies in processes, and provide a deep-dive view into the lifecycle of processes associated with service management
  • Dashboards transform event lots into a graphical display of variants associated with a service. Rather than qualitative analyse of a process, quantitative metrics are provided to drive the digital transformation of service management