A fresh approach to Process Mining

An interactive, engaging process mining experience to monitor and ensure compliance, improve process efficiency, reduce costs through process optimisation, and drive workflow automation


Event Log Generator

Generates event logs containing data related to activities associated with the resolution of tasks. The event logs can be imported into enterprise Process Mining software such as Celonis, PAFNow and UiPAth. Any activity in the lifecycle of a task can be tracked including audit workflow, audit occurences, task timestamps, approvals, notifications and SLA events.

Process Miner

Enables the visualisation of event logs to highlight the processes involved in the resolution of tasks. Inefficient and non-compliant variants of processes can easily be identified and correlated with task attributes and resources involved. Business rules in ServiceNow can are automatically generated in alignment with process explorer findings, ensuring optimisation of workflow processes

Value Proposition

Digitizing service management requires a complete understanding of the end to end lifecycle associated with your service management processes. To enable this understanding, Metricus provides analytics solutions focused on performance metrics, predictive metrics and process metrics. A combination of subject matter expertise coupled with leading edge technology, including PowerBI, machine learning and process mining, are used to provision analytics far superior to the offerings from service management and Business Intelligence vendors


Leverage service management data and analytics as competitive weapons, operational accelerants and innovation catalysts to compete in the emerging digital economy


Effectively measure and optimize the efficiency, quality, compliance and performance of your service management processes


Apply process mining and artificial intelligence to drive the visualization and digitization of your service management processes


Enable quantitative measurements of cost savings and efficiency improvements, and the demonstrate the business value of enterprise service management

Optimise process digitization

Digitization of your service management requires an indepth understanding of the associated processes. By leveraging leading technology, subject matter expertise, and extensive data integration knowledge relating to service management, Metricus provides solutions for performance, predictive and process analytics that will fast-track and optimise the digital transformation of your business

IT Service Management

Incident and Request Management

Change and Release Management

Finance Service Management

Finance Requests

Vendor Management

HR Service Management

HR Case Management

Employee Administration

Security Management

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Security Incident Response

Our expertise

Metricus is a team of data scientists with extensive knowledge of enterprise service management processes. We’ve provisioned cost effective analytic solutions across the spectrum of leading service management platforms, including ServiceNow, Cherwell, BMC Remedy, CA Unicenter, HP Service Manager and Invanti.

the Data

Metricus transforms your service management data into a highly optimized analytics datamart containing actionable insights to drive digitization of your processes

the Metrics

An extensive library of best practice, customizable service management metrics, focused on performance, process and prediction, forms the foundation of what to measure and why

the Users

Analytics need to be targeted to specific audiences. Years of experience with thousands of end users has taught us what data people need to see and when they need to see it

the Technology

Metricus leverages the Microsoft Azure and PowerBI ecosystems to provide advanced, self-service analytic capabilities.  Importantly, the technology is transparent, allowing you to focus on what the data is communicating