A fresh approach to process mining

An interactive, engaging process mining experience to monitor and ensure compliance, improve process efficiency, reduce process costs, and drive workflow automation

Data driven process optimization

Monitor Compliance
Monitor Compliance
  • Establish compliance rules based on the steps associated with a process
  • Monitor compliance over time
  • Analyze non-compliance to identify root-cause
Reduce Costs
Reduce costs
  • Simulate cost savings based on process step volume and time
  • Identify high-impact cost saving opportunities
  • Analyze the relative cost of process variants
Digital Automation
Increase automation
  • Identify and flag automated steps
  • Analyze processes to determine variants, steps and activities that are automation candidates
  • View process automation metrics over time to monitor digital automation initiatives
Improve Performance
Improve performance
  • Leverage performance metrics to compare efficiency of process steps, activities and variants
  • Analyze in alignment with compliance, automation and cost rules
  • Automated AI based root-cause analysis

Metricus Process Miner

The core of the Metricus process mining platform is a state of the art, function rich,  client React application.  This is available as a pure SaaS offering, or as an embedded application. You can now have your own process mining capabilities, fully branded and integrated into your enterprise application or corporate portal

Sign up for a 30 day, no obligation free trial. In a couple of minutes you’ll be up and running! Check out the sample models for Procure to Pay, Loan Origination, Hospital Billing, Invoicing, Incident Management and more. You can also load you own event log