Metricus Process Miner

Next generation, state of the art, AI based process mining software to drive optimization of your business processes

Data Intelligence

Process data transformation and algorithms enable the detailed exploration of process lifecycles

Process Discovery

An x-ray vision of the lifecycle of your processes enabling identification of process optimization opportunities

Monitor Compliance

Business Rules

Establishment of business rules to drive compliance management, cost savings and digital automation

Automated Insights

Enablement of machine learning to provide root cause analysis and automated discovery of process issues

Event Log Transformation
  • Automated mapping of task and event attributes
  • Ability to manage and merge multiple activity types
  • Support for multiple business calendars to calculate variant and step durations
  • Anonymization of selected fields
  • Ability to import and define task metrics during transformation
Process Visualization
  • Interactive visualisation of process models via a state of the art React application for Process Mining
  • Rapidly identify re-work, duplicate steps, bottleneck’s and non-compliant variants
  • Automated highlighting of process inefficiencies, automation opportunities and potential cost savings
  • Slicing and filtering of variants, steps and activities
Monitor Compliance
Compliance, Cost and Automation
  • Manage compliance by marking variants, steps and activities as compliant or non-compliant
  • Assign actual and target costs to steps to calculate overall process cost and potential cost savings
  • Measure the effectiveness of digital automation initiatives and automatically detect steps that can potentially be automated
  • Use compliance management, cost control and digital automation to drive process optimization
Root Cause Analysis
  • Analyze process entity performance across mulitple dimensions with decomposition trees
  • Insights provide automated root cause analysis based on selected task and event attributes
  • Influence Analysis tell you what combinations of attributes have the most impact on process performance, compliance, cost and automation