Process Optimizer Features

Process Mining

  • Events that occur in an issue or task lifecycle are transformed into visualizations highlighting the reality of process workflows
  • Identify workflow compliance issues, automation opportunities and performance problems
  • Advanced filtering and slicing of process variants, activities and steps

Time in Activity

  • Track the time issues spend in different activities during the lifecyle i.e. status, assignee, assignment group, etc
  • Multiple lifecycle metrics including duration, volume, lead time, resolution time
  • Ability to aggregate based on any issue attribute e.g. category, issue type, priority, etc
  • Detailed issue lifecycle analytics

AI Driven Insights

  • Decomposition trees providing guided navigation to pinpoint process problems based on a range of metrics e.g. cost, duration, compliance, automation, etc
  • Root Cause analytics highlighting combinations of task or issue attributes based on selected steps and metrics
  • Influence Analysis to identify tasks or issues that impact selected metrics

Automated Findings

  • Automatic detection of non-conformant steps within processes and workflows
  • Highlighting of ‘loops’ in a process representing duplication of work effort
  • Metrics driven detection of process variants and steps containing potential performance problems

Simulate Process Costs

  • Calculation of process costs related to steps based on integration with time tracking applications, or determining resource costs based on HR data or manual entry
  • Support for business calendars to determine actual working hours
  • Ability to set improvement goals to findings to estimate cost savings of process improvement initiatives

Event Log Generation

  • Support for multiple activity types including field changes (status, assignee, etc), notifications, metrics, approvals and journal entries
  • Scheduled generation of event log data for a process model
  • Support for all issues or tasks in a Jira or ServiceNow instance
  • Ability to define fields for data anonymization