Metricus Process Miner for Service Now vs ServiceNow Process Optimization


Metricus Process Miner for ServiceNow vs ServiceNow Process Optimization

The Metricus Process Miner for ServiceNow is an in-platform, enterprise process mining solution for Service Management data, as well as data from any of your operational data sources. As an enterprise process mining solution, it contains the core features of the ServiceNow Process Optimization solution, which also leverages process mining technology and features.

Unique features of the Metricus Process Miner include:

  • Licensing
    A Metricus Process Miner license allows for the generation of event logs from all ServiceNow tasks (ITSM, HR, Finance, CS, etc) across all versions of ServiceNow (Standard, Pro, Pro+ and Enterprise)

  • Simulation and determination of process costs
    Step and event related costs can be calculated based on duration, type of event, resource costs or custom calculations. This allows for the determination of process costs, and the simulation of potential cost savings through application of process business rules

  • Advanced step and activity highlighting options
    Steps can be highlighted based on metrics such as volume, duration, standard deviation, total cost, cost savings, and whether the step represents a loop, an automated step, or a non-compliant step

  • AI driven analytics
    Tasks associated with any component of a process (variant, step, activity, business rule, etc) can be analysed by decomposition trees, automated insight analysis and level of influence by metric (cost, duration, volume, etc)

  • Inbound and outbound step analysis
    Advanced inbound and outbound analysis of source and target activities across all process steps

  • Application of filters and slicers to process and cost rules
    Process and cost rules, including improvement suggestions, can be activated for one or many subsets of process tasks, facilitated by the ability to filter and slice process variants, tasks and events

  • Extensive support for process events
    In additional to capturing audit workflow and journal events, additional events can be captured such as task timestamp and SLA events, approvals and specific audit events based on task attributes e.g. a priority change from medium to high

  • Merging of events
    In the context of Service Management, events are of processed simultaneously, for example a state change and assignment group change. These events can be merged into a synthetic event, adding another dimension to process analysis

  • Ability to load external event log data
    As an enterprise Process Mining application, the Metricus Process Miner for ServiceNow allows for the import of event logs from any operational enterprise system e.g., Invoicing and Procure to Pay from your ERP, CRM data from Salesforce, etc.


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